Sunday, April 19, 2015

An Open Letter to David Granger

Dear Mr. Granger,

Long time reader and fan.  Sadly, I write you today with a complaint.  Perhaps it might be illustrative to start at the beginning.  I have followed the Esquire Big Black Book for several years now.  And while I do follow the fashion, I am by understandable inclination, drawn to the commentary on watches.  But it seems more and more that the Big Black Book is in fact a not so subtle kissing of the rings of the usual suspects.  At first I thought it was hopefully something that would evolve.  But year after year, issue after issue it is the same brands.  Now I'm a reasonable guy, but sooner or later you'd think that maybe we might get, I don't know, some actual F*&$@#G content that has been researched?

Now I realize that as a business, a magazine must make money, and the way to do that is through advertising.  But I would also like to think that with the incredible amount of resources and money available to you, you might want to spend some actual time actually researching actual watches to find out what is actually available beyond Richmont, LVMH, Rolex and Patek and AP.  Or maybe I am missing the point?

To be clear, these are all fine watches - but for realsies?  Is your crack team of journalists so apathetic, so lazy, so indifferent that they simply wait for the press kits from the advertisers and phone it in?

To be even clearer, I hope that is not the case.  But what your team is offering as "need to know, cutting edge" watch intel is pathetically thin, poorly researched and lacking in any imagination.  There, I've said it.

As it is perhaps all too easy simply saying what is wrong, allow me to offer some "counter-points" to how you could offer a better researched survey while still maintaining positive relationships with your advertisers.

So for the next few posts allow me to acquaint you with some watches that would interest your readers - and you never know, possibly read to new advertisers!

Today - Tutima

A chronograph, and it is perfect.

Courtesy of Tutima
Your readers would appreciate knowing about this!

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