Thursday, March 12, 2015

You Get to Pick 1 of Each - Sarpaneva

Courtesy of Sarpaneva
Now while many people would plump for a watch with the iconic moonphase indications and references, I suspect that if I ever got to own a Sarpaneva I'd want to wear it ALL THE TIME.  Luckily, they'd have me covered with what I believe is the COOLEST dive watch out there -
The Korona K0!

46 mm of stainless steel goodness protects the Soprod A10 self-winding movement.  The diver's ring  (yes ring, not bezel) is adjusted by use of the crown in position 1.  So unlike so many other dive watches out there, it does not require a second crown to fiddle with and "ugly up" the case side, nor does it allow for the possibility of unintentionally moving the ring and therefore miscalculating your dive time.  A pretty important thing to be in control of in the "briny deep".  Water resistant to 300 meters, and secured with a rubber strap. 

So while you're swimming with the sharks at BaselWorld, consider strapping on the Korona K0.  If nothing else, you'll be sure not have your appointment taken by another shark ; )

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