Monday, March 23, 2015

Wrapping it up here Boss

So another BaselWorld is in the books (at least for me), and as I was taking the train back to my second home in Lucerne, I was reminded again of what an enormous undertaking this all is.

Ungodly amounts of money thrown around, thousands of people jetting in from every corner of the world - and for what?

Well, in fact, because we love it.  If you are reading this it is most likely because you love watches.  Just as Christmas needs Santa, the watch world needs BaselWorld.

And after a few years, you realize that you are fortunate to have folks with you along in this insane journey to help keep you in check, and prevent you from losing your shit.  So a few thank yous are in order:

Manon Vauthier - as ever, AMAZING!  Without fear of contradiction one of the best PR people out there.

Yasmina Pedrini of Frederique Constant - steady, informative and a lot of fun to talk to.

Samir Shah and Lisa Delane of Graham and Arnold & Son - bright, engaging and the ideal ambassadors for these two or any brand for that matter.

Norm Kushner  of Glycine - Thank you.

Katy at Hermes - thanks again, it was great fun.

Jean-Claude Biver - thank you for listening.

Dan and Gustavo at Tutima - a great presentation and great watches to boot!

Lola at Savoy - as ever, thank you.

Mike Margolis - three great new brands for you, keep us updated.

Alexandra Castro - THANK YOU!

And overall, thanks to everyone.  Enjoy the rest of the fair, and safe travels home.

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