Friday, March 27, 2015

The Watch that Haunts my Dreams

Apparently great minds think alike!  I was meeting with team Nivrel at the Ramada this past Saturday and got to try on a watch that will probably drive me to insanity until I save the pennies to call it my own!

My comment to them was "This watch haunts my dreams!", at which Guido Grohmann burst out laughing and said:  "Those are EXACTLY the words that Watch U Seek's Bhanu Chopra used!"

Well, being thought half as eloquent as Bhanu is a very real compliment, so I'll take it ; )

But back to the watch -

42 mm of German stainless steel AWESOMENESS cases the ever-so-fantastic hand-wound Landeron 248.
Courtesy of Nivrel
Sapphire crystals front and back, alligator strap.


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