Wednesday, March 25, 2015

On the Bubble!

In the words of my favorite college basketball prognosticator Dick Vitale -

"It's serendipity, Baby!"

As March is (at least for US college basketball fans) a month for miracles, it seems that Cinderella has arrived at the big dance -

If you can forgive the "lush, bear-like" undergrowth, you will see a singularly wonderful horological bijoux. Yes, it would seem that Severin Wunderman is indeed having the last laugh!

Accompanied by some other pieces that will be revealed in a post to follow in the next few days. But having spent several days listening to the same dronings of "market share", etc. I nearly pooped my dungarees when I saw that the Bubble was making a comeback! But don't call it a comeback, because for me the Bubble had never really popped. And for Corum to show the common sense to bring this "neo-classic" back says to me that hopefully the "Antonio Calce hangover" is finally well and truly "slept off" and they are now ready to punch their weight.

I miss people like Mr. Wunderman.  Good, strong management is important.  But there are bean counters, and then there are visionaries - and Mr. Wunderman was certainly the latter - thank God!

Enjoy your watches!

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