Friday, March 27, 2015

A New Brand from Glashütte

So my friend Mike Margolis will be distributing some interesting brands this year, and one of them is a new player in the field from Glashütte called C.H. Wolf.

So Saturday found me checking out their offerings when a fellow watch lover dropped in.

As a rule, I try to have one very stylishly handsome fellow nearby to detract attention from my weathered, warty appearance.  Adrian was good enough to oblige.

So we started looking at watches.  And while the words "Watch" and "Glashütte" conjure up certain images, let me assure you that these guys are playing in a different game altogether - AND THANK GOD!

Large, colorful and eccentric - just like me!  There are pilot watches to be sure, and of course they are of a typical look and feel.  But the folks at C.H. Wolf want you to have something different, something special.

And if I were choosing any of them for myself, this would be my choice -

Courtesy of C.H. Wolf
I tried to do this watch justice, but my images were terrible so we will go with what the pros provided.

Here are the specs -

41.5 mm of German stainless steel, the movement is self winding with hours, minutes, seconds and date.  38 hours of power reserve.  I believe that the movement is a Sellita, but am awaiting confirmation on that.

So we all decided to strap on our favorites for a group shot -

And strong though the temptation was to sprint for the door, I am proud (but somewhat disappointed) to inform you that all of the watches stayed in the booth ; )

Stay tuned for more from C.H. Wolf!

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