Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Hat Trick for Nomos

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Three wins for NOMOS Glashütte in the public vote for the Goldene Unruh
Metro, Lambda deep blue, and Tangomat from NOMOS Glashütte are among the best and most beautiful watches in the world—and from the only brand in the public vote for the Goldene Unruh to win in three categories
Berlin/Glashütte, February 2015. As was revealed on Thursday evening in Munich, the NOMOS models Metro, Lambda deep blue, and Tangomat count among the best and most beautiful watches in the world. NOMOS Glashütte finished first three times and by far from all the other top brands in the vote for the Goldene Unruh: Metro was first placed in the category up to 5,000 euro, Lambda deep blue in the group up to 25,000 euro, and Tangomat as well in the up to 2,500 euro category. This is a premiere in the history of the seventeen-year-old public vote competition: No other brand came first place three times at once before.
“Design, design, and once again design,” explains Thomas Wanka, editor-in-chief of the renowned German Uhren-Magazin—that is the quintessence of the watchmaking company from Glashütte. “With its minimalistic, clear design, NOMOS Glashütte creates a very high level of brand recognition.” Another important reason is the extremely high amount of in-house production, which is, according to Wanka, “outstanding for a watchmaking company this size.”

NOMOS CEO Uwe Ahrendt, who was lately announced “Entrepreneur of the Year,” is stunned: “Three first wins at one go—that’s amazing. Watch aficionados obviously seem to like our combination of timeless design and best Glashütte craftsmanship. And the fact that we’re completely producing all our movements on-site in our Glashütte workshops—we’re the watchmaking company that always gives a hundred percent.”
The publications FocusFocus Online, and Uhren-Magazin organized the public vote, one of the most important in the watch industry, as they do every year. Since November, 20,846 readers had voted, 351 mechanical timepieces had been submitted in total. But 2015 has not only now started successfully for NOMOS Glashütte: Metro has already received the Good Design Award and the iF Product Design Award in the first weeks of the year.
Since 1998, the Goldene Unruh has been one of the most renowned awards in the German watch industry. Watches from NOMOS Glashütte have repeatedly impressed readers from Uhren-Magazin and Focus in past years—and have won a total of 24 times.
Watches from the brand have already been honored with more than 120 prizes and awards in the past. Uwe Ahrendt attributes this to all the hard work of the NOMOS employees: “Watchmakers and toolmakers, draftsmen, and the designers in Berlin: We have a fantastic team.”

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