Friday, March 6, 2015

273° Saphir Fumé

From Zeitwinkel

Courtesy of Zeitwinkel

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Zeitwinkel introduces its new model 273° saphir
From the beginning, the independent watch manufacturer Zeitwinkel from the Swiss Jura Mountains has manufactured timepieces powered only by their own in-house movements, which were developed over a period of four years. With the new model 273° saphir, Zeitwinkel carefully completes its Classic line of hand-made watches with in-house movements. For the first time, a dial made from transparent sapphire glass reveals the front side of the elegant automatic movement with its patented large date mechanism.

All Zeitwinkel timepieces feature a classic design and a large sapphire back showcasing the proprietary manufacture movement. Founder Peter Nikolaus: “Especially our customers from Japan have convinced us to also show the front of our movements.”

The new model Zeitwinkel 273° saphir implements this request beautifully. Thanks to the tinted transparent dial made from extremely hard sapphire crystal, its owner can admire the elaborately decorated front side of the movement. A particular highlight are the view of the patented large date mechanism at the “11” position and the interplay of light and shadows in the decoration when the watch is moved.

The sapphire crystal dial is manufactured in nearly twenty steps. Complex technical processes are used to bring out the decorative elements, including unique methods of engraving, polishing, varnish application and coating processes. The end result is our transparent dial with fine sculptural details and interesting light effects.

Courtesy of Zeitwinkel

The market introduction of the Zeitwinkel model 273° saphir will take place in Japan, where the new timepiece will be available from select Zeitwinkel concessionaires. Orders from customers in Europe, the US and other regions can be placed soon. Watches with transparent dials will also be available with casings made from Fairmined gold. Zeitwinkel pioneered the use of gold from ecologically and socially responsible mining in the watch industry. 

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