Saturday, February 14, 2015

The "Other" BaselWorld - 2015

As in years previous, Swiss Creative Lab will be hosting several brands that you will want to see and get to know.  But you will not find them in the halls of BaselWorld.  Rather, you will find them in various locations of the Ramada, right next to Hall 2, and across the "tram track" from the Palace.

Some of the folks you will see:

Courtesy of Kairos
                    Kairos - reputed to be offering the world's first mechanical "Smart Watch".

Tiret - the watch brand founded and driven by designer Daniel Lazar.

Dietrich coming off of a fantastic first year, Dietrich will be on hand to share their growing collection.

RALF TECH offering solid, rugged time machines to accompany you through life's adventures

Patrik and GoS Watches will be there with their Damascus steel masterpieces

Atlantic and their collection of timeless watches will be on hand

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