Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Solid Innings from Hublot

Okay, in fairness I am not always a fan of the over-partnered watch brand.  BUT in this case I am willing to make an exception.  Ordinarily it seems as if the brand will slap on a logo, engrave a new case back and call it done.  In this case, Hublot has batted for a century!

Courtesy of Hublot

These two models were created in partnership with the ICC Cricket World Cup.  Now cricket is one of those games best taken in with very large quantities of "oil cans" of cold lager and the highest level SPF sunscreen you can lay hands on legally.  There is a lot of tradition, a lot of subtlety in cricket, and in fairness to Hublot, I think they did a good job in capturing a lot of the nuance of the game.  The sub dial hands are shaped like cricket bats, and Hublot has stumped the competition with their cricket-centric marker at 12 o'clock.  (sorry, couldn't help myself).  But these little touches lend quite a bit to a watch that admittedly is not for folks like most of us - it is for collectors and I feel that at least in this instance, the subtle touches lend quite a bit in a sporty, yet tasteful manner.
Courtesy of Hublot
The strap is reminiscent of an actual cricket ball.  Having clocked more than a few of these whizzing past my ear during my teaching days at St. Andrews I can say that the attention to detail is impressively accurate ; )

A truly limited "century" edition ; )

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