Monday, February 2, 2015

OMEGA Opening Eyes

With their support of Orbis, OMEGA has made a very clear statement of their commitment to the larger world around us.  This is a bit about their work with their ambassador Daniel Craig in Mongolia.  The material is OMEGA's own directly from their site.  I re-post it here because sometimes we get so wrapped up in the latest watch, the sexiest movement... we lose track of the other important things that a brand is up to.  Bravo OMEGA!   

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From the OMEGA site -

Courtesy of OMEGA

Daniel Craig and OMEGA support Orbis International and its Flying Eye Hospital. The Hour Vision Blue helps make it possible.

Courtesy of OMEGA
OMEGA has co-produced a film with Orbis called Through Their Eyes. It documents Daniel Craig's visit to Mongolia with Orbis’s team of medical professionals. While there, Craig witnessed the life-changing eye operations performed aboard the Flying Eye Hospital on the runway of the airport at the Mongolian capital of Ulan Bator. The film reveals the dramatic contrasts in Mongolia, alternating images of men and women on horses galloping across the Steppes with those of motorcyclists negotiating the crowded streets of Ulan Bator. The most compelling stories, though, are those of a family’s joy when a child's eyesight has been restored and the gratitude expressed by a Mongolian nurse to the Orbis team that has trained her and her colleagues to extend treatment to their communities.
"This is an experience I wouldn't miss for the world" Daniel Craig

Courtesy of OMEGA

Fighting preventable blindness around the world

OMEGA is working in cooperation with actor and brand ambassador Daniel Craig on a creative initiative in support of Orbis International and its Flying Eye Hospital in the fight against preventable blindness.

Craig visited Orbis’s Flying Eye Hospital on location in Mongolia to witness – first hand – the work these dedicated volunteers are doing. His experience is documented in a half hour film as he tours the plane and meets patients whose lives have been touched by this unique organization.

Since 1982, Orbis International has carried out programs in 92 countries to provide hands-on medical training, tools and technology for local partners to address the tragedy of avoidable blindness in their communities. As a result of Orbis and its partners' support, more than 23 million medical and optical treatments have been performed and more than a quarter of a million eye care professionals have been trained.

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