Thursday, February 12, 2015

Coming Back - Like Return of the Jedi!

Sorry, I couldn't resist an opportunity to drop some Kool Moe Dee on you ; )

But this is a comeback!

80 years young, Lebois & Co is having new life breathed into it thanks to Tom van Wijlick.  Tom, and his partner is crime - Eveline were seduced by the vision of a vintage Lebois & Co Chronograph that like the picture of a long-lost sweetheart they taped to their refrigerator.  
Spoiler alert, I am not sure that this is THE chronograph in question ; )

They began a fairly comprehensive bit of research to understand more about this beautiful timekeeper from a brand that (at least to them - and many of us) was unknown.  

That research led to the decision to bring this defunct brand back to life.  And Lebois & Co will make their triumphant return in the form of the Avantgarde Date -

Make no mistake, this is not a flat out reproduction. It is a watch built for today - 40 mm of stainless steel, powered by an ETA self-winding movement. Hours, minutes, seconds and date.  A red second hand that matches the 60 second/minute inner-ring wonderfully interplays with the remaining blue numbers and markers. The Avantgarde Date is secured with a blue alligator strap.
And the best part?  You get to be a part of it!  Kickstarter, the patron saint of fledgling watch brands is where you can go to secure your Avantgarde Date.  There is more to come, but this is the amuse-bouche  ; )

Lebois & Co Kickstarter

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