Friday, February 13, 2015

Club 995 From Christopher Ward

This press announcement just rolled in, so to save time, here's the "unvarnished" version direct from Christopher Ward -

This afternoon Christopher Ward are launching a new customer initiative - Club 995 - offering 5 of their most iconic models at £995.

Co-founder Mike France had this to say:

"Club 995 epitomises our founding mission - to challenge some of the luxury watch industry’s extravagant cost-to-price multiples, making premium quality watches that are accessibly priced and within the reach of everyone.  Although we constantly strive to offer the keenest possible prices on all watches throughout our range, since our 2014 merger with our Swiss atelier partners Synergies Horlogeres, we’ve been working to create efficiencies and make savings within our supply chain that are now possible to pass on to our customers. If our motivation is the honest pricing and fair margin tenets of the business, then the starting point for us is the ultimate cost to the customer, and everything we do works to achieve that goal. The entire range benefits from this approach but in Club 995 this philosophy is most evident – where we’ve really gone the extra mile both in Maidenhead and in Biel to create something that enhances the value of such fine watches to our customers."

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