Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Official Watch of "Smilin' Joe Stalin"!

Okay pals and gals,

Just because Timezone and their politburo won't cover something, doesn't mean you shouldn't know about it tovarich!

This morning I opened my email and lo and behold, POBEDA is back, BABY!

Courtesy of Pobeda
Now for those of you not in the know (and admittedly I am one of you) the name Pobeda was coined by that great humanitarian and (again unbeknownst to me) lover of horology - "Smilin' Joe Stalin"!

According to Wikipedia - apparently between fighting Nazis, "guiding" and "re-educating" those citizens who weren't following the kind and gentle policies he was so famous for (who can forget what a great time the "Great Purge"was?)  uncle Joe was rolling up his sleeves and making sure the citizenry knew what time it was.

Leave it to those nutty folks over at Raketa!  They have revived Pobeda and despite their earlier terse statement that they would no longer be selling their treasured timepieces to the treacherous west (yes that means you, Yankee dog) they have miraculously reversed that decision and are now offering their watches to us (i.e. non-Russians) through their online store.

So, lap dogs of democracy and decadence - REJOICE!

We will keep you posted -

Your fellow "running dogs" -

Tempus Fugit

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