Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Breitling, Westime and the Clippers Partner

Okay, I am a Clippers fan.  They are "the other" team in Los Angeles.  We  managed to get rid of the racist owner, and we have perhaps the most exciting team in the NBA - and frankly this is a team that keeps it real.  So it was with mixed emotions that I read that Breitling would be the official time keeper.

Breitling are perhaps the most indifferent of brands when it comes to communicating with journalists, bloggers and frankly their customers.  The good old days of send in your card and get a hat, some chocolates, etc.  perhaps set the bar a bit higher in my mind than was fair.  But  having said that, there is a growing group of folks who are tired of what many writers (both print and digital) are referring to as the "Breitling Attitude" when they either forget or ignore your BaselWorld appointment giving you a sneer and a shrug.  Essentially a stiff middle finger after they've blown you off.

So what does that have to do with basketball - well if I'm honest, sweet FA ; )

So here's the story, I've said my piece -


The Los Angeles Clippers and Westime today announced a partnership that makes Westime the Official Timekeeper of the Los Angeles Clippers. Westime in partnership with Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Breitling, is the first official timekeeper for the Clippers organization. 

The multi-year partnership begins with the 2014-15 basketball season and includes Westime and Breitling logos on courtside digital signs and LED displays around STAPLES Center. Breitling imagery is displayed during each game’s Countdown to Tip-off, while Westime branding is shown when the shot clock reaches five seconds. The partnership also incorporates Westime and Breitling into radio broadcasts,, social media and off-the-court events. 

“For decades Breitling has valued its partnership with Westime in the great city of Los Angeles,” says Thierry Prissert, president of Breitling USA. “By supporting the Clippers, one of the sports world’s most ascendant franchises, Breitling and Westime are sharing their passion for precision, success and achievement with a team that displays those same values during every game.”    

Breitling timepieces are available at all Westime locations in Southern California.

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