Sunday, January 11, 2015

Basel World Necessities - Part 3

Presuming that you're a writer and might do, I don't know, some writing...
You're going to need a pen!

Now to be clear, there are a lot of good pens out there.  I am partial to fountain pens, but when you are traveling those are (for the most part) not practical.  Roller balls are nice, but can again prove a bit fiddly.
Courtesy of Pelikan
Point of full disclosure, I own one of these pens, so I think that in fairness I am in a good position to give honest feedback.  This is the Niagara Falls from the good folks at Pelikan.  It is a ball point, and while Montblanc makes a very fine ball point pen, the Pelikan offers something just that little bit different.  This version of the Pelikan has one slight wee bit more heft.  It is substantial and a bit special.  It is smooth in the hand, not too bulky - just "write".

Granted, not everyone will be able to track one of these down - and this is not about expense, but about scarcity.

Now when you are back home at the desk of your daily endeavors and you can opt for a fountain pen...

Something a little different while at the same time perfect -

Another option from Pelikan should help you dot the "Is" and cross the "Ts".  This is the Toledo.

Courtesy of Pelikan
Make sure your freelance clients have paid their accounts ; )

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