Saturday, January 10, 2015

3thirty3 Maasai Prototype

I thought I'd share the prototype for the Maasai model that we have been working on.  The dials will most likely be made one at a time, which guarantees a "similar" look, but that each dial will be just that little bit different.
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The case is stainless steel, with a solid back.  The movement is an FHF hand-wound movement that may, in fact, be older than yours truly ; )

The dial was done as a one-off in Los Angeles, the hands were a wonderful design element that 3thirty3's technical advisor, Filip Blazevic of Filip & Co came up with (which I really dig) and he also put all of the elements (dial, case, movement, hands and crown) together.

The interesting thing is that several people have said that they in fact like THIS model quite a bit - a pleasant surprise as my concern was that it would be "too much" for most folks ; )

So owing to that, we will probably move forward and offer up to 25 of these as a pre-order item.  They will be supplied with an optional Maasai "bund cuff" that is removable -

We will probably opt for the ETA 2801 instead of the FHF so that it will be a bit more "serviceable".  The FHF works quite well in the prototype, but obviously my "likes" will not necessarily match those of everyone else ; )

The price will most likely come in at around $1,200 for people opting to pre-order and then it will most likely be $1,500 or so.  This is, of course, to be determined.  These will be done somewhat "to order" so those like me who want the novelty of a New Old Stock movement can have one.

The goal of this and the soon-to-be released Maasai quartz version will go to fund projects such as building schools, medical facilities and community centers.

If you are interested, contact me for more details:


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