Friday, December 26, 2014

Wrapping Up the GAVOX Legacy Navy 358.5 - Logical stars

Okay, point of full disclosure. I had hoped to have this wrapped-up in the usual 7 day sequence, but was felled by an epic case of the flu that has only now decided that maybe, just maybe it will let me get on with my life now that we have shared the last 3 weeks together. Luckily for me, Michael Happe the owner of GAVOX was very kind and understanding. The good news for you is that you now have the benefit of nearly 3 times the normal review period ; )

Okay, I'm going to "invert" this a little and hit you with the vital statistics first:

The case size is, to quote Goldilocks, just right!  41.4 mm in diameter with lug to lug is 48.7.  The "glass" is in fact sapphire crystal that fits nice and flush into the bezel of the watch.  The crown at 2 o'clock is one of the few watches I've tried with such a configuration that actually works WELL.  The crown itself is tactile, and functions smoothly in the wind position, date setting position (which is quick set, by the way) and the time setting (also known as "position 3").

The crown is "tagged" with the GAVOX logo.

Unlike a lot of watches at much higher price points, this detail is clear, clean and nice, not "sketchy".  The winding action of the watch is quite good and it is possible to wind up from a dead stop.

Staying with the case, the finish of the stainless steel case is really quite good.  There is a perceptible "joining point" where the lugs join with the case itself.  But it is neither too smooth or too abrupt.  Again, just right.  This is a nice touch because frankly when a watch is 40 mm or larger and the lugs seem, well... seamless, it sometimes can give the watch case a sort of unbalanced appearance.  Not so with the GAVOX Legacy Navy!  It gives the watch a somewhat more "rugged/tactile" look and feel without being over the top.

And one last point about the crown position, it is very comfortable and has plenty of clearance so you do not gather abrasions and rubbing on your hand or wrist.

The comfort of the watch has been truly wonderful.  The case sits well on the wrist and the strap broke in quite smoothly (and fairly promptly).

As you can see, the watch sits very well on the wrist and has great presence without being overwhelming.

And the strap is an honest, straightforward leather not masquerading as something it is not with faux stamp/printing/patterns.  It is leather with a tasteful stitching in white.

As I said, the leather broke in very quickly and had a great "old friend" type of feeling after a week or so.

Keeping true to a watch of this type, no "tarted up" deployments!  A practical and useful stainless steel buckle bearing the GAVOX logo.  Simple in the best possible way.

The movement is something that I can't really say enough good things about.  This as well as the other two pieces from the Legacy collection utilize a Miyota self-winding movement, in this case the  8219.

The movement's rotor has been customized with the GAVOX logo which is a welcome change from the usually plain-Jane look of watches priced at a similar level.  The watch itself has had a very good power reserve.  I was able to get the power reserve as advertised - 38 hours according to the GAVOX website.  CONFIRMED!

Moreover, the watch is ACCURATE!  On average about an average of 13 seconds per day over the "extended" 7 days.  The greatest stretch of deviation was the first day (starting from a dead stop) and the first day after testing the power reserve) again from a dead stop.  On these 2 days the variance was  just south of 20 seconds.  BUT - when the watch had been worn for 24 hours and was essentially "self-winding" the accuracy was much better.

The dial and the functions were perhaps what drew me to this watch first.  Hours, minutes, seconds and date laid out in an easy to ready format.  But if I am very honest, the feature I like the most is the "Day/Night" / 24 hour indicator.  I really appreciated this feature as the days became shorter, shorter, and then with the arrival of the Solstice, the days started to get longer.  It takes the measure of time outside of the hour/minute and puts it in a larger context of day and night.  

So getting down to brass tacks, let's put this in context in terms of price - 330,00 € 
Direct from GAVOX.  And if you happen to not live in the EU, your price is even better!

It is easy to say that this is a great watch for the money, but at 5 times the price I would still recommend it.  It is a solid, unique, dependable - and good looking, dammit!

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