Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Transfer Window Opens, Elvis has left the Building

I am perhaps a bit too sentimental, so I hope that I can be forgiven a bit of disappointment in hearing the news of Michelle Sofisti's departure from Gucci and essentially from Kering which leaked Wednesday morning.

Some of us view the world of watches and the people who inhabit it in an idealized light.  I am often found needing to remind myself that for the people drawing paychecks this is a business and it is important that we try to keep things in perspective.  Sooner or later (with very, very few exceptions) you will be informed that your services are no longer required.  Whether you are told this directly or in a passive aggressive manner, you will move on.  As we say in the US, the only 2 certainties in life are death and taxes.  It would seem for those running watch brands it is that not only are you replaceable, you will be replaced.

By all accounts, Michelle Sofisti has a first rate reputation and has touched a LOT of people in the industry, so my suspicion is that if he were entertaining offers, he would find himself well-secured.  But having said that, the other thing I've heard about Mr. Sofisti is that he is a man with actual interests in life outside of the business.  I think it is safe to assume that he will live happily ever after no matter what he decides to do, but as a watch fan and a Sofisti fan I am a bit sad when I reflect on what could have been.

But as was said in "THE WIRE" -

"Sometimes the Gods fuck with you."

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  1. Kerings loss will certainly be another lucky brand's gain