Tuesday, December 9, 2014

OMEGA Bids the COSC Adieu

When you have one of (if not the) world's best movements, you tend to set your sights a little higher.  And OMEGA has continued to push the envelope with today's news.

In brief, OMEGA will be shifting to the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (also known as METAS) in a partnership to seek a better standard for measuring accuracy.
Courtesy of OMEGA
Without putting to fine a point on it, Mr. Hayek expressed a feeling that the standards of the COSC were perhaps a bit lacking and needed to be strengthened in light of the expectations that people have of a watch with a COSC certificate.  And frankly I couldn't agree more.  

The new standard will go into place in 2015, and what I think is the most important thing (if I understood the information correctly) is that this test will assess a CASED watch, not just the movement in a plastic box!

So once again, BRAVO OMEGA!  Keep moving forward.

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