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From Hautlence.
Courtesy of Hautlence
This is a new release from Hautlence, the HL2.5.

More than just a pretty face, the HL2.5 boasts three patents which Hautlence describes as -

1.  A half-trailing hours chain.  Every 60 minutes the chain advances in 3-4 seconds without jumps or loss of energy, making it possible to admire the beauty of the movement and its mechanisms in action. 
2. What Hautlence has sometimes referred to as a "regulating organ" that is integrated into the mobile bridge movement. Owing to Its constantly changing position, and driven by the display, it compensates statistically for the effects of gravity, thus enhancing precision.
3.  The third patent regards the operation of the two barrels, the main barrel is wound by the automatic system and transmits the energy needed to wind a second barrel that is devoted exclusively to driving the complication. It is kept fully wound by the main barrel to ensure that an optimal level of energy is available to change each hour. This means the complex systems are powered independently without affecting the precision of the watch.

Here are the details -


HAUTLENCE HL2.0 in-house calibre including gear train and automatic winding system. Half-trailing hours displayed by a chain, retrograde minutes, mobile bridge-type calibre.


Hours, retrograde minutes and power-reserve indicator.

Calibre description :
2 barrels: 

one finishing barrel (power reserve for the entire watch calibre including power for the second barrel) and a complication barrel. Hours displayed by a 12-link chain hinged on a pallet system. The speed regulator ensures that the hours display changes in a controlled and jerk-free manner in 3-4 seconds instead of instantly. It completes 48 revolutions at each hour change. Hours system activated by a one-revolution mechanism mainly composed of a connecting rod and a rack. Mobile bridge-type calibre comprising the regulating organ and rotating through 60° at each change of hour. Movement kinematics featuring 90° changes of direction by means of special bevelled gears. Automatic calibre with oscillating weight in 18-carat white gold. This innovative calibre is protected by 3 HAUTLENCE patents.

Dimensions: 37.8 x 33.2 x 12.35 mm;
Manufacturing technology: multi-axis micro-machining, wire EDM. LIGA photolithography; Number of components: 552;
Power reserve: 45 hours;
Regulating organ: 18,000 vibrations/hour;
Number of jewels: 92;
Finishing: fine-watchmaking type (satin-brushed, hand-drawn, hand-bevelled, ruthenium- anthracite coating and mirror-polished steel elements);

Identification and numbering plate: HL2.5 X/28. 


Case: black DLC-coated grade 5 titanium;
Horns: black DLC-coated grade 5 titanium, screw-in;
Crown: polished grade 5 titanium with micro-machined HAUTLENCE logo;
Glass: 3 three-dimensional sapphire crystals, scratch-resistant, produced by multi-axis grinding;
Alternating finishes: sand-blasting, satin-brushing and hand polishing;
Horn and case-back screws: titanium;
Dimensions: 50 mm x 42 mm x 17.8 mm;
Weight: 49 grams.

Upper sapphire dial face: luminescent white minutes and hour-markers;
Lower sapphire dial face: rhodium (chrome) metallization, red transfer and black varnish- coated opaque zone;
Hour-markers: red varnish-coated metal plate and luminescent white varnish-coated hours numerals;
Minutes hand: rhodium galvanic plating with luminescent white tip;

Power-reserve hand: steel with red varnish-coated indicator. 


Hand-sewn rolled-edge Louisiana alligator leather with large square scales: - in matt black version and
- in black rubberized padded version with red topstitching
- black rubber

Folding clasp : titanium.


28 pieces

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