Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dreaming of Airmen

Sometimes the question comes to me - 

"Okay watch guy, pick two watches!"

Now the obvious answers are... well, obvious!  Patek Calatrava and Nautilus.  Or Speedster and  Calatrava, or ...  I'm tired of obvious, and frankly as nice as those all are, there are two items from Glycine that have topped my wish list for some time -

Because sometimes I feel a little mysterious myself -
Courtesy of Glycine
This is the Airman Base 22 "Mystery" from Glycine.  In a purely horological sense, it turns my crank.    

Truly - it is special.
Courtesy of Glycine
But then sometimes you feel "old-timey", with a wistful wish for yesteryear... this is the

Airman "1953 Vintage" Limited Edition.  Beautiful, timeless, and of a time that is of all time.

Something old, something new - something AWESOME!

So saving some pennies here in Santa Barbara.

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