Monday, December 15, 2014

Continuing to Search for Carlo Crocco

It's very funny, nobody said too much when he left - but perhaps they should have.  We fawn and praise Warren Buffet and Bill Gates for giving away portions of their wealth - and we should!  But in the watch industry we have a perfect example of what TRUE stewardship means, what putting others above yourself means, what being truly human means.  Carlo Crocco.

Carlo Crocco has done something that is so praiseworthy, so admirable and SO SIMPLE.  I wish he was still making watches because frankly I would buy one if it meant supporting his idealism.

A man must have a code - and I am so grateful that Carlo Crocco had his.

So watch industry - welcome (in advance) to the Tempus Fugit Initiative for 2015 - Do something AMAZING to benefit others.

Who's in?

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