Sunday, December 21, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Part Deux...

So six down, and six to go.

Number 7 - The Bell & Ross BR 126 Officer Black.  I got to wear this watch in both silver and black and I say this without fear of later contradiction - I LOVE IT!!!  And more than that, I will double down and say that the people working for Bell & Ross USA - in particular Ms. Castro in PR/marketing, are REALLY AWESOME!

Courtesy of Bell & Ross
Santa, I have been most particularly good this year!

Number 8 - The Metro from NOMOS Glashutte

Although on the PR side they are sometimes as warm and fuzzy as "Hessian underwear" (and that is not exactly praise) they do make a very fine watch, the Metro -

Courtesy of NOMOS Glashutte

Number 9 -  I have unyielding respect for a man (or woman) as steeped in the crafts as Martin Pauli of Angular Momentum/Manupropria, so Number 9 is getting 2 entries -

Up first would be one of his magnificent fountain pens -

Courtesy of Angular Momentum/Manupropria

And to go with it, a watch that I greatly admire -

Courtesy of Martin Pauli

As Clint Eastwood frequently reminds me when I start getting eyes bigger than my bank account, "A man's got to know his limitations" - but maybe someday, and Christmas is as good a time as ever to dream.


This is the SHIT THAT KILLED ELVIS.  What is so cool about it is that it is not made of some magical compound that might be referred to as "Unobtainium".  No, this is aluminum with a unique finish to make it special.  The dial design is wonderfully unique, and singular of design.  The movement is not the "mystical manufacture - bitch goddess" of "in-house lore".  Nope, industrial, functional and perfect.

Number 11 - The OMEGA Speedmaster Professional "Tintin".
Regular readers of this blog will know that OMEGA North America views me with the same love and affection that one might view a tapeworm.  But all personal feelings aside, it is a beautiful watch from a company that makes beautiful watches.  So as the holidays are the time to put grudges aside (even if you are the one on the receiving end) credit where it is due!  I would be thrilled to strap this little chronographic bijoux on and head to the moon with Captain Haddock.

I will, however, take a pass on the OMEGA fragrance for now.  
Courtesy of OMEGA
And for my 12th Day?

I would hope that we could all take 1/100th of the energy and money that we spend on things that we don't really need, and perhaps do something nice for someone or something that could really use the help.  Even if it is only an hour of your time, you'd be amazed at what it could do.

Happy Holidays!

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