Thursday, November 13, 2014

When an Advertising Campaign Bombs...

So this morning I was greeted by a rather unsettling image of a naked woman gripping/covering her "upper assets" with "be-jewelled" fingers with a stop watch dangling down to her navel.  The tag line?
"Toys for Boys".

The not-so-subtle subliminal message?  Apparently women are "playthings".  So all you "boys" out there - go ahead, be dickheads, apparently that really means you are just being a "rebel".

A further photo portraying (I assume) the same naked woman seemingly chained and restrained from behind.  The tag line?
"Release the Beast".

The folks at Bomberg might make some nice watches and I'll let you be the judge.  As a matter of professional courtesy here is their Bolt-68 Chronograph.

Courtesy of Bomberg
A 45 mm stainless steel case in PVD.  Quartz movement.

Folks, to be clear I am not a prude.  But this advertising campaign is tacky as shit and I want no part of it.

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