Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Transfer Window has Opened...

At Linde Werdelin.

Now before you get to excited, this is essentially an internal transfer/promotion.

This is the announcement -

Appointment of new Sales Director

Linde Werdelin has seen unprecedented developments in recent years. Amidst the strong growth and exciting momentum, I am delighted to welcome Alexandre David as the Sales Director of Linde Werdelin.

The appointment was made, with immediate effect, following Alexandre’s role as Distributor for Europe from the start of 2014. He is responsible for managing our distribution and retail partners worldwide.

Alexandre has an extensive background in distribution and business management for over 18 years. Notably in recent years, Alexandre managed the international retail network as Chief Commercial Officer at MB&F and, prior to that, was CEO of Ikepod from 2008 to 2012, where he was credited with repositioning the brand and building its strong presence across the world.

Alexandre’s depth of experience and contacts in the Swiss watch industry will bring new insights to help drive growth for Linde Werdelin and expand our global network. His appointment will also allow me to develop more meaningful relationships with our distribution partners, media partners, and valued customers going forward.

So as the transfer window begins to open, prepare your scorecard to follow all of the action!  While this is good news for Mr. David, there are some very uncomfortable conversations taking place in Switzerland, Germany and points west.  Resumes are being updated, and suddenly, almost like magic, calls are being returned and emails being responded to.  Nothing like a dash of anxiety to improve communication ; )

I kid, a little.  It's a hard world out there, even in the luxury watch business.  

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