Friday, November 7, 2014

Salon QP

Well I did it again, managed to miss Guy Fawkes Day.  Hopefully none of you got left behind under the Houses of Parliament while your buddies went on a beer run!

But with November, Salon QP is here and as we look forward to new and emerging watches and watch makers on the British scene, I'd like to take a moment to look back on one of the guys who really got the ball rolling in the "recent - modern" era of British watch makers-

Courtesy of Speake Marin
Peter Speake-Marin is perhaps one of the few people out there who has managed to start on his own, work on his own and steadily build on his success to the point where he now enjoys a solid and growing reputation set to rival some of the big dogs.  Granted, he operates in Switzerland, but spend any amount of time with him and/ or his watches and you will be a fan.

Tim Jackson (who's opinion I take great stock in), was in many ways the first person here in the US to really take the risk and venture out to into the deep waters of marketing and selling the watches offered by the independents.  And one of his first discoveries were the watches offered by Speake Marin.   

Independent in Time

Two important people for independent watch brand lovers!

And "Independent" lovers out there, fear not!  Tim Jackson is hard at work in London as I write this, looking for the next (as yet unknown) big thing.  Don't worry, he's got your back!

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