Monday, November 3, 2014

Growth at DEVON

DEVON WORKS strengthened up its back room, and with that we are reminded that the transfer window is about to open again - but for now it's good news, so allow me to introduce the two newest members of "Team DEVON" -

Courtesy of DEVON WORKS
Ronald Jackson's history with brands such as Girard-Perregaux, Franck Muller and others speak to a strong experience in sales in the luxury retail market.  He has been appointed Global President and as such will devote his time to sales and marketing for DEVON WORKS globally.

Courtesy of DEVON WORKS
John Stecco has been named the COO for DEVON WORKS.  He will be focusing on what is often referred to as the "back room" working on supply chain issues and production.

Both Mr. Jackson and Mr. Stecco have been consulting with DEVON WORKS behind the scene dating back to the launch of the brand, but now it would seem that DEVON WORKS has "put a ring on it" and they are full time DEVON WORKS men.

Best of luck to TEAM DEVON WORKS.

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