Thursday, November 6, 2014

3thirty3 Brand Ambassadors!

Watch brands always have celebrity "friends" and 3thirty3 is no different!  

Allow me to introduce you to 3thirty3's official new ambassadors -

Peanut - Official Spokes-Elephant of the Tempus Fugit Initiative, and Samuel - Official Spokes-Rhino of the Tempus Fugit Initiative.  

Welcome to the 3thirty3 family!

Our crowdfunding campaign offers you the opportunity to pre-order/pre-purchase one of the first 3thirty3 Initiative watches - delivery anticipated early January.

Peanut and Samuel's Choice - The 3thirty3 watch to support the conservation of endangered species and combat poaching.

Of course you might not be in the market for a new watch - but please visit the page to see what we are up to. REMEMBER - 33% of every watch purchased goes to charitable causes!

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