Thursday, October 9, 2014

Why Jean-Claude Biver Matters

Okay, let's be very, very clear.  I have written some not-so flattering things about Hublot and Zenith, and by indirect inference we could assume therefore not so flattering about Jean-Claude Biver.

And in fairness, that is a FAIR assumption to make.  So this afternoon, when I had some free time I went to Timezone.  Yes, I WENT THERE, save the sarcastic, caustic criticism for another time please.

On the Hublot forum of the Timezone juggernaut, there was an unhappy Hublot owner lamenting that his Hublot Big Bang had "come a cropper."  It would be really easy to ignore it.  Let the customer deal with the "after sales" department.  Let's be honest, in many ways the press has reported that "Elvis has left the building", that Mr. Biver had been "kicked upstairs".  But it is clear that the fire still burns - and thank goodness for that.  He is still there.

Mr. Biver took the time to personally reply to the upset Hublot owner, said essentially - "I WILL TAKE CARE OF THIS.  YOU HAVE MY GUARANTEE!"

Really?  Who does that?!?

So, tomorrow I have an invite to come down to LA and see the Hublot event, and possibly meet Mr. Biver.  I've been promised the possibility of some face time, but understand and realize that I might be the smallest puppy at the feeding dish.  But if I get the possibility of a face to face, I will not have a question.  I will simply have a thank you.

What makes our wonder, our joy, our belief in the wonderful world of watches hold up in the light of sometimes stinking reality?  A CEO who takes the time to personally engage with his customer!

Do I like and support mindless partnerships that feed ego?  No.
Do I like and support someone who takes personal responsibility to ensure that his brand, even after he moved upstairs, is still putting its customers first - even if that means it's him doing the follow-up?


Or to quote Willy Wonka -

So shines a good deed in a weary world.

Thank you Mr. Biver - you have restored my faith.

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