Monday, October 27, 2014

What if? 3thirty3

Dear readers,

as you know, I am a person who has a very difficult time keeping his opinions to himself.  I am a Northern Youth from a certain Northern Ohio town where if you ask a person what he is thinking - he will likely tell you!

As regular readers of this blog know, I worked for Tourneau in San Francisco under the legendary Javier Perrigo.  Following that I had a master class on, well, everything from Rick Marei at DOXA.

And since 2010 I've been writing this blog, working as a freelancer.  Advising and consulting. Getting paid.  But I wanted to do something more.  I wanted to try and find a way to take the strength that a watch or luxury brand might have and use just a portion of it for good - to try and solve an insolvable problem.  In 2013 that led to the Writing Wrongs Awards presented by the dynamic father and son team Carlo and Samuel Naldi of Edelberg.  This past year the Tempus Fugit Initiative sought to join together watch brands to unite to solve a common problem - and we did manage to raise quite a bit of money.

But singular actions do not always have the strength to see the long term problem solved.  Long term problems need long term solutions.  So allow me to introduce you to 3thirty3.

Courtesy of 3thirty3
A new brand I have launched with the idea of offering a quality watch, and donating 1/3 of the price (not the profit, but the total price) to charitable causes.  The watch you see above is the 3thirty3 Conservation Initiative.  1/3 of all sales will go to support the International Anti-Poaching Foundation.

Courtesy of 3thirty3
And the watch here is the 3thirty3 Water Initiative.  1/3 of all sales from this watch will go to benefit Drop in the Bucket to help provide safe, clean drinking water in areas that desperately need it.

The watches will be available in early January for sale, direct.  Here are some details:

40 mm stainless steel case, Swiss made, Ronda quartz movement, water resistant to 100 meters.
And one important thing, the straps for the watches are NOT leather!  These are just for the rendering purpose.  The straps will be made of sail cloth (top) with a Lorica underside.

Now, I realize that many of you do not want a new watch just now, but maybe you want to support the idea?  If so, a "Crowd Funding" campaign is underway to raise funds - and it also offers you the opportunity to pre-order one of these watches.

Thanks for your consideration.

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