Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Stop the Press! Clooney Wears OMEGA...

Okay pals and gals,

I get A LOT of press releases, some more "salient" than others.  But my heart skipped a beat, and I nearly scorched my lap when I dropped my morning espresso as I read the EARTH SHATTERING news that (spoiler alert, it's about George Clooney and OMEGA) George Clooney actually WORE an OMEGA watch at his wedding!!!

Courtesy of OMEGA
Now, considering that Mr. Clooney is a paid OMEGA ambassador, you will forgive my lack of surprise and delight.

Point of full disclosure - I like George Clooney, and I think it is exciting that Amal Alamuddin chose to cast her lot with a struggling actor.

But c'mon OMEGA - this is not news, this is what I would EXPECT if I were paying someone boatloads of cash to wear my watches.  Press releases like this are borderline US Weekly, where we turn the pages in giddy delight to learn that - REALLY - "Stars are just like us!"  They go grocery shopping!  They have play dates!  They get married in Venice…

Okay, maybe not just like us ; )

Enjoy your watches, and congratulations to the happy couple.

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