Monday, October 6, 2014

Doing Good - Rolex


If I could have ANY job in the world?  I would LOVE to work for Rolex's charitable division!

Rolex does a lot of good out there, but the one thing that I really like is the Award for Enterprise.  Essentially recognizing people that are doing something positive to help improve their own communities through innovation.

In their own words:

Since 1976, the Rolex Awards for Enterprise have recognized 130 pioneering individuals whose projects benefit their communities and the wider world. The Awards support groundbreaking work in science and health, applied technology, exploration and discovery, the environment, and cultural heritage. In 2009, the Rolex Awards were expanded to include Young Laureates, aged between 18 and 30, whose innovative projects are helping to tackle today’s challenges.

So in other words, not watches thrown at Grammy or Oscar winners, not a $10,000 donation to funds cocktail party

But a mission to recognize and truly reward innovation and development!  Rewarding those who dare to say - "What if?"

Well done Rolex!

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