Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Housewarming Party for Armand Nicolet

Armand Nicolet has moved into new digs.  While it is safe to say that this is not on the magnitude of a full-blown manufacturer like Vacheron relocating, it is still sort of a big deal ; )

Courtesy of Armand Nicolet 
So who is Armand Nicolet?  Well that, in fact is a two-parter which really starts with Who Was Armand Nicolet?

Well, he was the son of a watchmaker, he set up shop in Tramelan, Switzerland.  In 1902 he dropped a bit of an horological bomb with a pocket watch featuring a single button chronograph, a complete calendar and a repeater.  Not an hour repeater, not a quarter repeater, not a minute repeater - no this one had all three!  

And to prove that external beauty is also important, he crafted a rose gold case and adorned it with an
enamel dial.  So it is not like this was a guy "shoeing horses" in the summer and "tinkering" in the winter months.  Safe to say, Armand had "skills to pay the bills".

Courtesy of Armand Nicolet
But as they say, that was then - what have you done for me lately?  Well, I think in fairness at least in North America it would be fair to call them a "work in progress".  But, and I suppose this is my romantic side - 


So how to do that?

No more partnering with dog-shit distributors.  Stop going for the fast score by dumping watches into grey market.  And most importantly - DAMN IT - If I hear one more time "Were big in Russia..." I am going to void my digestive tract and chuck up the alphabet soup my mother fed me back in grade school.  Be "average" everywhere - regional does not impress anyone.  I truly could not care less if you are number 1 in Ulan Bator.  Just be true to yourself.  Be honest, 

Courtesy of Armand Nicolet
And unlike a lot of brand claiming irrefutable "bona-fides" while essentially paying someone else to design and manufacture their watches - as you can see, it does not appear that Armand Nicolet using an assembler.

AND - I want to make one thing very, very clear - there is NOTHING wrong with using an assembler.  There is NOTHING wrong with this - but be honest.  Don't claim that you are doing something that you are not.  And it seems that Armand Nicolet is  - if the photos are anything to go on - being honest.  It would seem that they are doing the assembly there.  This is the hope.  

Courtesy of Armand Nicolet
The watch world is a funny place.  People assume that a brand assembles their own watches, but in fact you never see images from their facility.  They are essentially marketing/branding companies - AND AGAIN - nothing wrong with that.  So, I am going to say this - Armand Nicolet - you have a nice new facility - you have our attention - NOW it's time for greatness!  

Courtesy of Armand Nicolet 
Show us something - we are ready to applaud it.

Enjoy your watches!

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