Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Inversion Principle Red Gold

From Fonderie 47
Courtesy of Fonderie 47
Here's the scoop, straight from the source -

Inversion Principle Red Gold features a central three-minute flying tourbillion; instantaneous jumping hours with quick-set pusher; 240° retrograde minutes; lateral and back power reserve indicators; 18k red gold case; and ratchet wheel plated with transformed steel from a destroyed AK47.

Courtesy of Fonderie 47

Revenues from the sale of each Inversion Principle Red Gold will be used to fund the destruction of 1,000 assault weapons in Africa, creating a safer environment for aid and development.

It is not the first time Fonderie 47 founder Peter Thum has implemented this kind of strategy; the entrepreneur pioneered a similar approach when he created Ethos Water to fund clean water projects in Africa and around the world.

While Inversion Principle is first and foremost a very exclusive haute horlogerie timepiece, elements and mechanisms subtly evoke and discreetly feature key attributes of the AK47. Each timepiece incorporates a plate on the back made from the transformed steel of a destroyed assault weapon.

Orbiting high above the movement, the central 3-minute flying tourbillondominates the three-dimensional dial and mesmerizes the eye. Three second-hands, spaced 120° apart around the tourbillon cage, arc sedately across the seconds-scale above the tourbillon and Fonderie 47 name: 'Sedately' because the tourbillon revolves at just one third the speed of a traditional one-minute tourbillon.

Courtesy of Fonderie 47
Only one second-hand is visible at any time; the other two are hidden under the gold rifle-sight-inspired frame set into the sapphire crystal, their existence hinted at by blued screws joining the outer tourbillon cage and inner three-arm hub.

A first glance is unlikely to divulge any obvious similarity between the jumping hours, retrograde seconds and an AK47. However, avoiding blatant connections is the aim.

On a more kinetic level, however, gun mechanisms snap sharply and precisely into place, as does the instantaneous jumping hour at 12 o'clock as it changes the hour, as well as the large 240° retrograde seconds hand as it flies back to zero each hour across the bottom of the dial. Each press of the quick-set pusher in the crown advances the jumping hours by one hour.

Courtesy of Fonderie 47
The long 6-day power reserve has both a lateral indication via a sapphire window set into the left side of the case band and a second indication visible through the display back.

The display back reveals the stunning sunray guilloche pattern radiating out from the ratchet wheel, which is capped by a dark plate of transformed steel from a destroyed AK47.

The plate is in the form of the Fonderie 47 brand symbol and rotates as the watch is wound. 56-3701F42, the serial number of the destroyed weapon the metal is from, is elegantly hand engraved beside the plate.

Fonderie 47 founder Peter Thum says: “Inversion Principle had to reflect the finest Swiss watchmaking traditions; Fonderie 47’s principles and mission; and be truly innovative, all at the same time. That was no easy task, but I believe we well and truly achieved our aim.”

Inversion Principle Red Gold is a limited edition of 10 pieces in red gold.

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