Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Don't Call it a Comeback - Oscar Waldan

Remember Oscar Waldan?  Some of you "new jacks" out there will be scratching your heads, but pals and gals, in a time before watch makers started dabbling in "Performance Enhancing Substances" in the effort to "supersize" their watches and cast everything in "unobtainium", there was a thoughtful man named Oscar Waldan who made beautiful watches, in sane dimensions, of earthly materials.
Courtesy of Waldan 
This is the Chronograph Chronometer from Oscar Waldan.  This is a beautiful, faithful, and singularly honest tribute to the traditional pursuit of excellence that has marked Mr. Waldan's work.

No, this is not some steroid fueled Frankenstein monster, it is a statement.  And the statement is that this watch is the dog's bollocks and I am no slave to a fleeting trend!

36 mm of wondrous 18 karat yellow gold goodness.  The movement is no small measure either -
A 25 jewel Chronometre Certified self-winding Chronograph featuring 42 hours of power reserve.

But as any of you who read this blog regularly will note - I am someone who revels in the "not so classic of classics".  You will understand that my eye will stray, and lock to the not so obvious choice -

Courtesy of Oscar Waldan

So for all of the new latest, greatest innovations…I urge you to take a moment to witness something truly great and authentic.

This IS the Shit that Killed Elvis!

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