Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jumping the Shark on the "Pilgrimage Trail"


With Christopher Ward's latest release - the C70 3527 GT, the Shark has officially been jumped.

Courtesy of Christopher Ward
Essentially, you can buy a watch with a piece of scrap metal from the chassis of a Ferrari...

Courtesy of Chrsitopher Ward
I am not trying to be mean-spirited, but could we just get some watches without all of the fluff?  I'm sorry, but this immediately reminds me of the concept of buying "Holy Relics" on the Pilgrimage Trail, such as part of the bone from the finger of a saint… and not in a good way.  What is the need for quick fix marketing fluff?  Charity watches, I get it!  Limited editions - sure!  Even a "tribute" watch - why not?  But this is just goofy.

Now in fairness, I have no doubt of the authenticity of the "re purposed" Ferrari surplus parts used to cunningly craft the watches in question, but it just seems cheesy and grasping.  

But, here is the info from Christopher Ward so you can judge for yourself -

We are delighted to reveal that Christopher Ward has launched the stunning C70-352 GT Chronometer with embedded rare Ferrari 250 GTO piece.

Only 100 Limited Edition pieces are made in partnership with TMB Artmetal which offers customers the chance of owning a small piece of one of the world's most iconic and valuable cars - the Ferrari 250 GTO.

Embedded behind museum-grade sapphire crystal in the back-plate of this chronometer is an original piece of exterior panelling from the seventh GTO (only 39 were ever built), which left the Ferrari factory on 22nd May, 1962. The date is actually featured in the watch's tachymeter. The chassis number of the C70's car, 3527 GT, gives this strictly limited watch its nomenclature and this is indicated on the side of the case.

The traditional Ferrari colouring of the beautifully executed dial serves as an impressive overture for the back-plate of the watch. The piece of original metal has been skillfully cut by experts in Switzerland to allow the number 6 from the car's number-plate to be shown in glorious Rosso Corsa livery. 

Priced at £2,150, the C70-352 GT Chronometer is available to pre-order on www.christopherward.co.uk from now. 

But I will leave you with this, from that well-respected watch commentator Black Adder and his colleagues Percy and Baldrick as they discuss how to make some money in the "holy relic" market place:

Percy: But, but how will people be able to tell the difference between these
       and the real relics?

Edmund: Well, they won't! That's the point!

Percy: Well, you won't be able to fool everyone! Look (he takes a red cloth
       from his sleeve): I have here a true relic.

Edmund: What is it?

Percy: (unwraps the cloth) It is a bone from the finger of Our Lord. It cost
       me 31 pieces of silver.

Edmund: Good lord. Is it real?

Percy: It is, My Lord. Baldrick, you stand amazed.

Baldrick: I am -- I thought they only came in boxes of ten. (he opens a box
          of finger bones) (??????????)

Percy: What?!

Baldrick: Yeah, yeah -- fingers are really big at the moment. Mind you, for
          a really quick sale, you can't beat a nose. For instance, the
          Sacred Appendage Compendium Party Pack: you get Jesus' nose, St.
          Peter's nose, (??) of St. Francis' nose, and (picks up a pair of
          false breasts) er, no -- they're Joan of Arc's.

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