Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Jumping the Shark… in Dallas

Ah, the NFL. As a younger Northern Youth I remember my NFL sheets and pillow-cases! We all hoped to get our favorite NFL team's jersey for Christmas (spoiler alert, mine was Cincinnati, not Cleveland).  And this was a tough sell to mother's across the country, because remember that those jerseys cost close to $25 1980s dollars!  Moms and dads had a tough time justifying that sort of a cash outlay for a shirt that their kids would only be able to wear for a few months before they grew out of it.
Courtesy of Hublot 
And also, if you grew up in an area where the local pro team, well, sucked you were very likely to have one or two back-up "favorite teams" who were actually good.  Oberlin, Ohio had it's share of "fair weather" Pittsburgh Steeler, Dallas Cowboy and Oakland Raiders jerseys.  Well, I have to accept that it is unlikely that you will outgrow the new Hublot "Dallas Cowboy" watch but let us just hope your team allegiance doesn't change dramatically to where you have to try and re-sell it.  You know, like those Dallas Cowboy's fans who put up the billboard renouncing their beloved Cowboys to support the Cleveland Browns because "Johnny Football" had signed with the Cleveland Browns?

Because while yard sales across my home state of Ohio may soon to be filled with cast off Johnny Manziel jerseys once he either flames out or moves to a more attractive team once he becomes a free agent, a watch that costs more than many of the team's fans make in a year is perhaps not the "classiest" move you could make.

Look at it this way, it would be cheaper to get your "Johnny Football 4-Evah" tattoo removed through laser treatment ; )

But here's the good news for all you fans of "America's Team", you will be able to purchase your incredibly expensive team Chotchkie at a Hublot "pop-up" store in - wait for it - a private lounge reserved for corporate guests!  Because Hublot and the Cowboys LOVE you and want you to feel a part of things - providing you work an organization that can get you access to a super exclusive corporate box!

Here's the thing pals and gals, Hublot is a big, very successful company, and frankly they must have a pretty good idea of what they are doing.  But forming a partnership with "America's Team" it is in a bit of poor taste to remind the hard working folks of Dallas/Ft.Worth who are true blue to their team and can't even afford a ticket in the nose-bleed seats that you are making sure that the pampered masters of the universe who are used to not paying for anything will continue to enjoy that experience when they take a break from the golf-course to attend a game for business.

Enjoy your watches everyone - and if you must, jump the shark ; )

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