Friday, August 8, 2014

A Velvet Revolution from PRIM

So, after the nice people at Raketa told watch lovers in the west to go screw themselves (albeit in a grammatically challenged manner), I was pleasantly surprised to learn that PRIM of the Czech Republic is still willing to do business with what the Raketa "Politburo" termed "the Decadent West" ; )
Courtesy of PRIM
So for the 8 US customers out there feeling hosed, the good news is that PRIM is providing a second "Velvet Revolution"!

And appropriately named - the PRIM Diplomat is clearly a watch in a different class.
39 mm in diameter, stainless steel and featuring the PRIM calibre 94.01.  Sapphire crystal front and back, it is a beautiful watch.

Now in fairness, I have never seen or held one of these, and consulting with some other folks who get paid to write about this stuff, it seems that PRIM was not on their radar either.

I suspect that is about to change ; )

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  1. Great to see Prim finally surface on the radar as I wind up my bondi blue dialed vintage Prim Sport from the 70's; which I've been wearing for the last 2 weeks(+5 sec/day I may add!) Sidney004