Saturday, July 12, 2014

Stick a Fork in it

It goes without saying, there will be winners and there will be losers, heroes and villains.  We are not quite there yet, but with nearly four months in the books since BaselWorld, and the all-important holiday buying season looming for sales and marketing folks in the watch industry it is crunch time.
And for better or worse, for many, the results are already in.

They just haven't been officially recorded yet.

And with the big news of LeBron James returning to Cleveland, it seems relevant to consider the importance of mobility, and PROFESSIONALISM.  LeBron is a PROFESSIONAL athlete.  But the parallels are similar to ANY business or industry.  There are great players that never really hit the levels that they could or should have.  A lot of unrealized potential.  They are professional athletes, but they are not PROFESSIONALS.

In the watch business, the PROFESSIONAL is someone who will always be successful no matter what team they play for.

The PROFESSIONAL knows when it is time to adjust the sails and chart a different course with a different brand.  The PROFESSIONAL knows MONTHS in advance if what they smell is NOT the leftovers that didn't get thrown out, they KNOW that in fact it is the smell of imminent doom.

The PROFESSIONAL is going to be set, because in the industry the PROFESSIONALS are known, and welcomed by the new team when they put on a new jersey.

The PROFESSIONAL already knows how this year is going to play out, and because they are PROFESSIONAL, they are already making the adjustments, working late, taking every call, and following up relentlessly.  The PROFESSIONAL has already either done what is needed to meet the goals this year, or if all of those efforts have come to naught, they are already set for when the Transfer Window opens again.

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