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Mido maintains #4 in Chronometer Production

Courtesy of Mido


Following its General Meeting of 6 June 2014, the COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres, the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute) has published its 2013 annual report, including statistics for Swiss movements certified for their high precision.

For the third year in a row, Mido takes fourth place, with 72,948 mechanical chronometers certified in 2013.

Courtesy of Mido
A chronometer is a movement whose precision has been tested and verified by the COSC, an independent testing body. Only watches whose movements have been certified and numbered by the COSC are officially authorized to use the designation of chronometer.
Mechanical movements certified by the COSC must undergo a battery of stringent tests conducted over 15 days and 15 nights, in five different positions and at different temperatures, which simulate actual conditions of wear. The maximum permitted tolerance for a chronometer is -4 to +6 seconds per day.

Courtesy of Mido
Since its establishment in 1918, Mido has stood out for the precision of its timepieces and has thus become, over the years, the brand to offer the broadest range of mechanical chronometers in its price segment.

With 72,948 chronometer-certified mechanical movements in 2013, compared to 61,358 in 2012, Mido has maintained its honourable 4th position first acquired in 2011. The mid-end watch brand thus finds itself just behind the high-end brands Rolex, Omega and Breitling. Other renowned brands such as Tissot, Panerai and Chopard come in behind Mido in this official ranking.

Nearly a century after it was founded, Mido remains faithful to its original values and this result once again underlines the quality and precision of its timepieces.
More than a mere technical characteristic, the chronometer designation is a badge of honour which proves that watches certified by the COSC are of a superior quality.

Courtesy of Mido

(Mechanical movements)


Rolex 804’896 pcs
Rolex 798’935 pcs

Omega 447’477 pcs
Omega 526’046 pcs

Breitling 102’237 pcs
Breitling 121’325 pcs

MIDO 72’948 pcs
MIDO 61’358 pcs

Tissot 62’830 pcs
Tissot 49’625 pcs

Panerai 21’658 pcs
Panerai 28’742 pcs

Chopard 20’520 pcs
Chopard 22’674 pcs

Titoni 16’669 pcs
Enicar 15’519 pcs

Enicar 15’845 pcs
Titoni 15’090 pcs

Ulysse Nardin 11’213 pcs
Ball Watch 8’580 pcs

Sources: COSC Annual Reports 2012+2013

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