Monday, July 21, 2014

KonTiki Update

So it's about halfway through my 15 days with Eterna's KonTiki.  To get the usual items out of the way:

1.  Timekeeping - averaging just + 6 seconds per day so far.

2.  "Wearability" - surprisingly good given the size: 42 mm, but owing to the gentle curvature of the cases underside and lugs, it sits very comfortably.

In addition, the strap is far, far more comfortable than I anticipated.

The strap is described by Eterna as: Black leather with embossed textile structure.  For most of the other watch brands out there that is usually code for:  "We were trying to make something cool, put in a half-assed effort and off-shored it, and the strap is stiff, scratchy, and will give you a rash within 36 hours."  Not so with Eterna!  The strap is wonderfully comfortable, although the "top cover" of the strap is a textile overlay, it is profoundly flexible, and the finish is wonderfully smooth.  You will notice the stitching - more on that story when we wrap this up next week - stay tuned!

And I think that Eterna made a very wise decision in using a folding buckle instead of the temptation for using a deployment.  

But what has truly been fascinating to me is the response that this watch has received from both friends and strangers.

Now personally, I love the interplay of the orange and black.  After working for DOXA for three years,  I never thought I could embrace orange again as it sometimes felt that orange was the "only" color ; )  but there is something wonderfully striking in this combination.

The date is there, but again Eterna avoided the urge to simply "punch a hole" in the dial and "force it".

And finally, the dial's center piece.  And here I will quote Eterna:
The centre of the dial bears an engraved outline of Raroia, the Polynesian atoll on which the KonTiki ended its fabled voyage in 1947. 

When you see it in pictures (and my own above does it now justice), but I have to say that I really, really like it.  And if I am completely honest, I did not think that I would.  But that is the beauty of getting to try something out for a few weeks - it allows you to experience a watch in a far different way.

More to come - stay tuned!

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