Friday, July 4, 2014

Edelberg Sloop "Le Chronopassion"

A little something for you watch and pen lovers -
Courtesy of Edelberg
This is the Edelberg Sloop "Le Chronopassion".
And because the press release is so well-written, I'm going to re-print it in its original form -

Courtesy of Edelberg & Chronopassion

Laurent Picciotto is known as the man who sets the standards for watch retail. If a watch or accessory finds its way into to his store, Chronopassion, there is no higher recommendation it can receive. Monsieur Picciotto’s knowledge as well as his judgement of timepieces has helped establish Chronopassion as a singular site of pilgrimage for watch collectors the world over. 
Courtesy of Edelberg

Edelberg and Chronopassion have come together with the shared vision of creating a truly one of a kind writing instrument. The Edelberg Sloop "Le Chronopassion".

Not merely an “hommage” design to time machines. The materials Edelberg have selected are the same as those found in the manufacture of fine wrist watches. From the shining carbon fiber barrel, to the stainless steel clip and end pieces, to the Superluminova incorporated in its design. This is a living, breathing declaration of Laurent Picciotto’s passion, and Edelberg’s mastery of fine writing instruments.
Courtesy of Edelberg & Chronopassion
The pen’s carbon fiber barrel is the canvas for the original Alvaro Soler painting which adorns the Edelberg Sloop Chronopassion.

Only 88 lucky people will have the opportunity to share in this “artistic horologic” collaboration.

Each and every Edelberg Sloop Chronopassion is made by hand to the exacting standards of both Edelberg and Chronopassion, two names synonymous with uncompromising style.

The Sloop Chronopassion will be delivered to its new owner in a specially designed Edelberg box complete with certificate of authenticity.

Available from the end of July Price USD 2,690 

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