Monday, June 9, 2014

VIP NOMOS… for Realsies?

Courtesy of NOMOS
Now as not all of us will be invited beyond the velvet rope this coming Thursday, allow me to reintroduce the NOMOS Metro.  As many of you out there know, I love NOMOS.  It was the very, very first watch I posted on this blog.  I see them each BaselWorld and this year I thought I'd finally made it when I got invited to the big NOMOS soiree at BaselWorld!
So it was with a bit of a sense of amusement that I received an invitation to travel to New York City (on my own dime, from Santa Barbara, mind you) so I could spend a magical evening checking out the Metro (which I've already seen and written about and is a beautiful watch by the way), and to "interview" a world-famous blogger!

(insert the song "I could have danced all night")

For realsies?

I want to say this loud and clear - Ben Clymer has one of the finest blogs/online magazines in the world regardless of categorization or theme.  He has a top reputation and it is well deserved, and if I'm telling it like it really is, he is probably the ONLY watch blogger that EVERYBODY genuinely likes - true story.

Having said that, I'm my own favorite blogger, and I don't have to board a red-eye flight at a cost of mere thousands to get my own opinion ; )

And to show that my heart is in the right place, I won't ask you to either!

A note to the PR company handling invites, press releases, etc. - consider your audience before you hit send, I suspect that an interview with a fellow journalist is not exactly the carrot you might think it is.

Enjoy your watches - and keep keepin' it real ; )

Peace -
I'm out!

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