Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Reynold - a Beautiful Anniversary Present

This just in from Pierre DeRoche -
Courtesy of  Pierre DeRoche
This is the Reynold.
Named for Reynold Dubois, this beautiful grand complication is an horological pocket bijoux three generations in the making!  In the 1920s, a young Reynold Dubois set off to learn the mysteries of watch making.  In the process, he was singled out for his unique and unquestionable talents.

Reynold Dubois went on to work with and study under no less a luminary than Jacques-David LeCoultre.

Time, as it inevitably must, moved on.  But time does not easily forget, especially not when observed by someone like Pierre, the grandson of Reynold Dubois.  Stumbling across a secret stash of Lecoultre ebauches, he rolled the dice and snapped them up.  And not unlike his grandfather, the masters at Pierre DeRoche have created something truly special.

Hours, minutes, seconds - but wait, there's more -
Hour, quarter and minute repeater!

But wait, there's still more -
A chronograph with 30 minute counter!

But wait, there's EVEN MORE -
A perpetual calendar with moon phase!

This is the type of watch you would expect from the powerful and mighty Breguet, IWC or Zenith.  A brand with millions to burn on vanity projects.  But this is no mere vanity - this is clearly a labor of love.

So grab some love today - check out the Reynold!

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