Monday, May 19, 2014

The Unspoken Language of BaselWorld

At BaselWorld, you will hear a lot of flowery, friendly and prose-worthy language bandied about.  You would think that this must be the friendliest place on earth ; )

There is one key turn of phrase that to the uninitiated will certainly mislead you -

"My Friend"

This is often used in key exchanges with brand managers and distributors, distributors and retail partners, and all of the above and journalists/bloggers.

So for your edification, here is a "cheat-sheet":

1.  Brand Manager to Retail Partner -
"So nice to see you my friend, I hope business is going well!"
Where the Hell's my money, and why are you "never in" when I call?

2.  Retail Partner to Brand Manager -
"So good to see you my friend, I can't wait to hear about your marketing/advertising plans for this year!"
I've bought over $50,000 worth of product from you, you promised co-op advertising and where the F*&K is it?

3.  Brand Manager to Writer/Blogger -
"This is our good friend who writes so many nice things about us!"
We are not now, or for the foreseeable future, going to advertise with you.  I hope this bag of chotchkies will keep you happy ; )

Here's the thing, BaselWorld is a microcosm of what the watch industry goes through every day - for better or worse, those of us involved depend on each other whether we choose to admit it or not.  It is a strange, challenging, and sometimes perverse little ecosystem.  But none exist without the other.

And most importantly - it doesn't exist without you!  So PLEASE - continue to be passionate - because NONE of us can do what we do without YOU!  And I hope you will understand if when we meet, I don't say - "How are you, MY FRIEND"  ; )

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