Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Sloop from Edelberg

Edelberg's beautiful pens constantly remind me that good design is something that doesn't just happen.

Courtesy of Edelberg
This is the Sloop.
A beautiful balance of off-white/cream with a bit of a chocolate flourish down the side.  The "body" of the pen (barrel) has been conceived of resin, the brown line down the side is engraved and filled with a "chocolate" lacquer.  The end pieces and clip are made rose gold plated stainless-steel.  The logo is filled with what has become an Edelberg trademark - Superluminova!

The clip of the pen retracts when the pen is in use.  And the clip will only "deploy" when the point of the pen is fully retracted, making it impossible for you to stain your shirt!

So go out and write a letter, write a card - write a manifesto!  Edelberg has you covered!

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