Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Ego has Landed

So, gentle readers, I had an experience not so long ago that reminded me that this truly is a people business, and sometimes people lose their shit.

I received a "ticking off" via email because although I covered something, I apparently did not cover it to the satisfaction of the person who sent the press release to me.  Point of full disclosure - the press release was poorly written, had spelling errors and contained very little in terms of images to support what I assumed was the intended theme of the release and its news.  It was essentially a massive ego stroke.  So I stuck to the facts, did not "kiss the ring" and apparently this is where the problems started.

Now, to get called on the "virtual carpet" is the sort of thing you might be expecting if you cross Richemont, LVMH or Patek.  But the interesting thing is that you don't get that sort of response.  You generally get something like "thank you for your coverage".

What you don't get?  You don't get a bollocking via email.


Probably because they are professionals.  They understand that life is a long time, and your life in business is finite by requirement.  Even the mighty OMEGA will not engage with you on that level.  They just let the relationship fade away - and frankly, that is essentially what we all do every day of our lives.  We don't actively seek out people we disagree with, people who make us uncomfortable.   We simply don't engage. Something we all relate to when we are the ones doing the "avoiding", and certainly something that is somewhat tougher to swallow when we are the "avoided" - but in fairness, there is a certain politeness to the indifference.  What these big and powerful brands don't do?  They don't lose their shit.  They maintain their composure, they remain polite (if remote), and the world moves on.  As the "avoided" you can accept it or not, but if you have any sense (or self respect) you move on.

So, let us all let the world move on, let's try to keep our composure.  Let's agree that we disagree but do it without being disagreeable.

And let's all try not to lose our shit ; )

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