Sunday, May 11, 2014

JENNY, JENNY, Who Can I Turn To?

Okay, sorry, I just couldn't resist. But the first thing you need to know and understand is that JENNY, is actually pronounced YENNY. And by JENNY, yes we mean the same JENNY family that owns DOXA.  

DOXA as you know introduced a singularly, historic, ground-breaking dive watch with the DOXA Professional and its patented "US Navy maximum no decompression limit times in feet" bezel.  And bezels, at least "functional" ones, are turned to help indicate time/timing functions.

Well, as you can see from the JENNY Caribbean, the bezel is not your typical dive watch bezel.  It is another invaluable dive tool from a previous era.  Many of you out there may not be aware that there was a time when a "small" computer was one that could be squeezed into a garage - if you removed the car!  In other words, the entire concept of a dive computer was straight out of Johnny Quest!  Wasn't gonna' happen!  Your watch and a depth meter was basically what you had, along with your wits.  

So this water resistant watch with its patented decompression table was your dive computer.  And as the grandson of a Seabee diver in World War II, I can personally tell you that if you ass-up your decompression, well your eyes might literally "POP" out of your face - no joke!  So this was a VITAL piece of equipment to ensure that you returned intact from your undersea frolics.

You needed to know the time, but you needed to know the time in relation to the "forces" of compression, and well, decompression.  So back to the bezel.  It is an updated version of the original JENNY bezel.  The bezel will inform the diver that based upon a certain depth how much time their decompression should take as they ascend - and well, keep their eyes in their heads ; )

The original bezel insert was perspex, whereas the new JENNY Caribbean's bezel insert is sapphire - and is BEAUTIFUL!  And, should your handy dive computer poop out on you in the briny deep, fear not!  Use your bezel, compare to your depth meter, and all should be well.

The unidirectional bezel is smooth, accurate and turning it is a breeze.  The scale on the bezel itself is clearly and precisely indicated.

Here is the original information, courtesy of JENNY -

Courtesy of JENNY

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