Wednesday, May 14, 2014

BRAVO François-Henri Pinault!

I often get asked - why do you LOVE Girard-Perregaux so much?

Point of full disclosure #1 -
I'd love to own a GP, but I am a humble university employee who writes about watches.  So I don't own one.

I also get asked - why do you LOVE JEANRICHARD so much?

Point of full disclosure #2 -
I do own one (a beautiful Aubergine Terrascope) and although I'd love to own more, please refer to Point of full disclosure #1 ; )

So as I often say, for me it is the people...

Let's be very, very honest - there are a LOT of watches, and a good number of watch companies out there.
And it is EASY for them to not voice an opinion or take a stand.  It is easy to avoid a possible uncomfortable situation (at best) or a full-on confrontation (at worst).  But I have always had the sense, at least in recent years, that GP and JR are not afraid to put themselves out there.  And clearly, this attitude starts from the top -

 François-Henri Pinault put his money where his mouth was via Twitter -

"As president of Kering Foundation, which combats violence against women, I firmly condemn the Sultan of Brunei's decision and join the boycott of his hotel properties," 

This is a wonderfully refreshing approach, to stand by your beliefs even if you might lose some very, very wealthy customers.  But if you ever spend ANY amount of time with the folks from GP and JR, you realize that they are very engaged.  From Mr. Sofisti on down, you FEEL something from these brands, something that is far more than just a watch, far more than just promotion.  

BRAVO  François-Henri Pinault!  Keep doing what you're doing!

And a final note - we live in a world where, I hope, we can disagree without being disagreeable.  Disagreement does not make either side good or bad.  We are all, I hope, better than that.  So I absolutely respect your right to disagree with me, and your choice not to read Tempus Fugit - but of course I hope you choose to continue to visit ; )

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